Yesterday was a GREAT day

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day for me! I started it off by going to the eye doctor where they fixed my broken frames and I got a new fancy pair and it was all for the cost of like one cheap pair of glasses. #win Then I had an audition for an upcoming film called Departures it's going to be filming in RI and it is such an exciting concept and written by a woman! YAY FEMALE SCREEN WRITERS! I got a call from the writer and producer that night saying I am getting called back for the role of Jasmine and it's down to me and one other woman. I hope I get it! Then I got the call from Boston Casting that I am going to work on Purge 3 again for Thursday and Friday! WOO HOO.

Then I had a lovely interview with a woman who I may nanny for 3x a week. Her 10-month-old son was the CUTEST LITTLE CHUBBY WUBBY. 

THEN THEN THEN MY BOYFRIEND BOUGHT ME A CAR!!! I am now the proud owner of a 2008 Kia Rio and I am pumped to be on the road again and not sharing a car.  Last night ended with some lovely music rehearsal for Late: A Cowboy Song. Let's keep this going universe.

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