Callback for Oklahoma &#blacklivesmatter

So, I recently had a lovely callback at TRC for the ensemble of Oklahoma! I feel as though I nailed my song and I even played the spoons. Dance call could have gone better however, I think that when someone watches me move they see that I can dance. I just need a little more time than the more skilled dancer to learn the choreography! 

Let's see what happens. However, Trinity Rep in taking part in this awesome collaboration between The Oregon Shakespeare Fest and the 1MPF called EVERY 28 HOURS.

 It's going to be a reading of 1 minute plays about all of the police brutality and hatred towards black and brown people in this country. As a WOC I am so thrilled to be part. No major details yet it was sort of last minute but I will be volunteering maybe even reading!? Who knows? I do know that you should donate though.

Alexis IngramComment