Tribute to Carol Pelletier

I learned yesterday that a beloved faculty member from the SLC Theatre Department, Carol Pelletier has passed away. I have not heard the full details but a classmate said she got a late cancer diagnosis. This woman was a true original and a beam of light. Her designs were beautiful and her quirky and funny personality just made SLC, SLC. I remember getting together with a group of students that loved her and we marched to The Dean's Office and pled our case for her tenure. She got it! She was gone too soon.

 I was not a costume designer but I designed for Twelfth Night and assisted on a few shows and she was always there to lend a helping hand and advise me. I was not a donee of hers but she was always willing to listen to me vent. When you stepped into the shop it felt like a true getaway from the hectic college life and her spirit helped to create that atmosphere and I know some of her will linger there for all to feel.


Rest in Power, Rest in Style Carol.


Alexis Ingram

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