Transitioning to Fall Updates

Hey Everyone Who Keeps Tabs on me!

   So, I've had a few issues these past few weeks just some personal stuff but I am happy to say that I am no longer working at my job which was making me super unhappy and not allowing me to focus on my art. So, now I am waiting tables and back on the sub list at my old high school!

  During all this chaos I got a call from Boston Casting to work in Woonsocket on the set of Purge 3! It was so much fun and a super diverse team of actors. I was so happy to see so many black and brown brothers and sisters on set making art! I mean...we we're shooting in a "low-income neighborhood" and we kinda all up dying....but at least we're working? IDK....that discussion is for another post.  CHECK OUT ALL THE NEWS ABOUT IT:

Also, last night I auditioned for my friend Kelli's play and she is starting her own theatre company which I think is super rad and I hope to be a part of it in one way or another.  I also may be working on Purge 3 this Monday and Tuesday!

And tonight it's back to Wilbury to work as a swim girl in Dry Land. I've missed the cast! 

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