Summer update & upcoming audition

   So, it's September which I am pretty sure means I didn't get into A.R.T. but that is okay because I am re-applying to graduate schools this year.  I didn't write a post before but I am an ensemble member in The Wilbury Group's production of Dry Land.  A bunch of girls are doing just a handful of shows to set the atmosphere of a high school girls swim team.  I have to say the design aspects of the show are so awesome and beautiful.

  Last week I had an audition at Boston Casting (first time THEY called me lol) for a Massachusetts Highway Safety Video in SPANISH! It went very well but I didn't get the part. Hoping they'll call me for more auditions.

  Lastly, my friend Kelli Noonan is directing Late: A Cowboy Song by Sarah Ruhl over at The Artic Playhouse in West Warwick.  I will be auditioning for her on Friday the 18th and I am very excited. 




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