Rainy Day NYC

Hello Humans,

  I have just gotten over a stomach bug (Gross/YAY!). New York has not been kind to my immune system so far. Tomorrow I have a fitting for background work on the film The Greatest Showman on Earth, should be cool since it's 1860's era stuff.  I have a play-reading on Sunday for a dear playwright friend so I am pumped about that. I also have a meeting with the lovely women of Daughters of Elysium, a new theatre collective started by some kick-ass SLC lady alums. 

 Tomorrow night I am seeing the great Stevie Nicks with one of my best friends and I am sure she will inspire me as I go on to hunt for some more acting classes and continue to network. Friday, I will be shadowing at two new job prospects. One is a really cute restaurant and the other is bartending/cocktail serving position at an Off-Broadway theatre. NOW RAIN RAIN GO AWAYYYYY

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