I am having a rough time in general, just trying to be positive as I make yet another transition in my life. I have to move back in with my mother and little sister for the month of March. My personal life has been a bit rocky this year. I have yet to hear from any graduate schools and just told East 15 I would not be coming in the fall. 

   I'll be driving to PA on Saturday for my last MFA audition for Penn State. I kind of feel like this is my last shot. If the MFA program doesn't work on this year I will move back to NY and focus more on getting into SAG and doing more film/TV stuff.

  That being said I did land a lead role in a BU MFA Thesis film which will film this summer so that's exciting. I'm hoping once I am settled at my mom's I'll get back to a more regular gym routine and feel happier! I am trying to believe everything happens for a reason but I want an MFA so badly. I do know however that I do not NEED one, and most actors actually don't have an MFA. My mom thinks it may be a blessing in disguise in regards to student debt.  I can't continue to spend money on coaching, headshots, travel, and application fees. I might as well just go back to being a working actor in NY. (Or trying to be LOL).

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