Let's just chat about a little something

   Today, I had to work with an actor that thought he was better than his fellow collaborators. Today, I had to work with an actor that literally used the term, "breed of people" TWICE. I had to work with an actor who was such a hypocrite he literally said he "hated people who act in NY and act like they're better than others" and I told him that was literally what he was doing.

   He kept saying," I'm not a model, I'm an actor." This was an improv gig....we're supposed to have fun. Get it together buddy! If you're so big and bad why are you coming to itty bitty RI for work; when you claim it's "not worth it" to act in New England because you get "taken advantage of". Last I checked non-union folks are not your little boutique agency's first choice to send out. I had an agent, I lived in NY, I did that life. There's nothing wrong with it. But, it doesn't make me better than the dad who was on set doing his first gig, doesn't make me better than people on the Disney Channel. WHO ARE YOU? I AM IN IT FOR THE ART AND THE EXPERIENCE AND MEETING FELLOW ARTISTS.


  As actors we get judged and picked apart every day we don't need to do that with each other. And last I checked honey boo-boo we ain't the same type so yo ass don't gotta compete with me. Ya heard? And I am the kind of "breed of people" who has lived in the hood and also went to the most expensive college in the world so how you like deez apples fer ur breeding issues OK.

Alexis IngramComment