February is creepin' up on us

Hey Ya'll

Who reads this? Probably just me and not even my mom. Anyhow, I am still feeling giddy after participating in the Women's March here in NYC. I went with my fellow daughter, Sarah and her mom, one of my bff's Kyle, we met up with our artistic director Katrina as well! I couldn't believe we bumped into so many old friends from my Sarah Lawrence and my Wheeler days! 

   Anyhow, I am gearing up to work on a student film with some former Sarah Lawrence folk and it is going to be such a cool and dark project! Tuesday I have my second *featured* BG day on Bluebloods LOL! Thanks for that SAG waiver ya'll and I will be one waiver away from being SAG eligible (fffinnnaalllllyyyy)

  Now, I just have yo save 3k....I have left the restaurant world in NYC because 99% of ya'll is too miserable for my bright sunshine self to handle.  So, now I am back to substitute teaching!  Daughters of Elysium and I are working on our second event. I'LL BE DOING A BURLESQUE NUMBER....hollerrrrrrr and I need to get started on this translation of Andromache.

I am sick, yet again, really need to come up with a way to boost my immune system. Starting Wednesday I start my improv/commercial class at One on One with Stacy Gallo of UCB. I am so pumped.


Also hoping I had an interview for the UCB Diversity Scholarship. Send me love and good vibes! Also pat me on the back cause I've been going to the gym ERRYDAY!


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