Welcome to 2017!!

New Year, New me...NOT AT ALL I AM THE SAME lol. 

 I do have many goals for 2017 however, but nothing changing me fundamentally as a human being. On this drizzly Brooklyn day I am watching Shakespearean film clips a la Sir Kenneth Branagh, Baz Lurhamn etc. to prep for a video submission for a friends grad school film.

   I also have my second class at One on One with Stephanie Holbrook this week and another meeting with an agency that I am looking forward to! I will also be doing mailings for managers.

  Right before Xmas vacation I had a lovely session at One on One with Tisha Loli who was absolutely lovely and made me feel really confident in my future with commercial acting. I'm going to be joining a new gym tomorrow and continue being healthy and positive.


Maybe get some highlights? Who knows......

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