Night Witches Were On The News: COME SEE US @ THE MUSE

  I have a few much needed "days off" here in RI but I am writing with some exciting news! Last week Fox 5 came to Ground Rush and our great new friend/fan did a story on Night Witches. It aired a few times and literally reached thousands of people!



  We have two shows at The Muse in Brooklyn. Part theatre-warehouse-circus space it is PERFECT for Night Witches and is going to give us a great hangar-feel! Come and see the show in a space that is similar to where we created the show! 

  Get your tickets here: Muse! 

Here is the FB link if that is your cup of tea. 


  I had a great audition for a new comedy TV show at CP Casting the other day. Feels good to be auditioning! Send me good vibes! <3 Night Witches photos by the amazing Steph Dee Photo ! 

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