Can't believe Night WItches opens in NY tomorrow! Elena and I are on the farm- gearing up to drive the set up to Brooklyn. Elena's college did an awesome video on her/our process. We also had another nice article about our process from AOPA you can read it:

  My other lovely coven: Daughters of Elysium are having an event on 10/27 THE WEIRD SISTERS: WITCH FEST. Please come to The Organized Chaos gallery in BK! Dress as something magickal and witchy! There will be libations, live performances, goods for sale, henna, and much more!  RSVP HERE!

  After the play closes I will be taking a little break from theatre and focus on paying off some of my debts. I also have lots of film ideas brewing, will be grant writing for NW, and hopefully getting more film and TV auditions. This has been a busy 2017 for me and I am looking forward to the end of the year slowing down a bit!  Video for DOE by Melanie Rose Thomas and artwork by Rae Clarke Hendel! 



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