Tonight is our last phase 2 show of Night Witches at Dixon Place get your tickets- HERE

  Then I go back to Rhode Island! I have had such a great time visiting New York and seeing my best friends! I have been applying for jobs and submitting for some film/tv work in Boston- who knows what the future holds but I am ready to slow down for a bit! 

  Shout out to our SM Sarah for filming this cute little vid of us. Night Witches version of "Vogue"'s 73 Questions! ! Thank you to the cast and crew/team of Night Witches. Thank you to all of our audiences especially my family and friends who came (and will be there tonight). Special thanks for my dear friend and colleague Kathleen Hefferon. I feel so blessed to have met her in M4M and to bring her into this crazy little Soviet world and have her lead us! 




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