Back in Little Rhody !



  I am so happy to be back in RI especially for Halloween. My little sister and I will be trick or treating tonight! Very excited. I also got two jobs yesterday! LOL! I am one of the new bartenders at Trinity Repertory Company! Very excited to be in my second home. I am also going to be serving and catering for Leon's Cafe in Barrington. Two flexible jobs that are in my wheelhouse and will be good for both making/saving money but also zipping to Boston or NY for an audition etc.

  I also got an email today about potentially being an egg donor for a family in Boston! I have been in the system for over a year and was in talks with an awesome couple from CA last year but we didn't end up going through with it. Hope this one sticks and I hope the family is cool! 

  Hopefully, my next post will be about booking something! ! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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