I've kept myself quite busy since settling into life in Warren. I am not feeling settled exactly- but I will get there. Trinity bartending has been fun and I also had my first day as a barista at Borealis in Riverside. Very cool spot and great to be back in the coffee world with some old + new friends! (Thanks Erika!)

   I am still ESL tutoring for VIP KID and had a cool catering event with Leon's this past Saturday. Two doctors appointments today but no work work. I also have a potential match to donate my eggs lined up. Hopefully this match works out for the potential parent/s and myself. 

   Acting wise, this Thursday my friend/fellow actor Sean will head up to Boston to film a trailer for a short film for the BU MFA Film program. Therrreeee willlll be blooooddd. I'll have a cool Instagram video posted of me trying out gory makeup techniques on Wednesday- follow me on IG if you don't already @meowalexiss.

  Sean also runs his own photography business! Here is his--> FB PAGE <<--we are planning a shoot. MANY IDEAS! DETAILS TO COME! <3

Here are some shots he took of me a few years back! Thanks Sean <3

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