Cannot be Spring already?

Hey Everyone,



  This post is being written from very cold RI and on my cell phone! So apologies in advance for any typos or odd formatting! I am a part of the cast of Night Witches! A new devised play that will have a residency in Virginia and will be brought back to NYC. I am so pumped to get away and work with this team.


  Filming a last minute self tape tonight and working background on Bull tomorrow. I am on the hunt to move in the next few months so if you find anything cheap let a sister know 🙃🙃🙃 lol. I'd love to stay in BK or go back to Manhattan. (West Vilage LOL or Hamilton Heights)


  I had a model call for a new project- Brown Girl Tarot! I met so many beautiful brown and black women! I hope I get is a practice shot I kinda dig!

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