Help a Lovely Poet

As many of you I am part of a new theatre company called the Daughers of Elysium. We have a very special daughter, named Itiola Jones and I am obsessed with her writing. Straight up #blackgirlmagic filled with love, hate, kindness, pain, lust you name it she's a boss. Here is a snippet from her poem "Ritual Switch": 

and this must be love, yes,

because you bring me to the end of myself again & again

to save me from my foolishness,

from the designated bullet baton pepper spray curb stomp

which has promised its full force upon my skull

you break me with love because this is your inheritance

A family heirloom dear god dear father-god dear father, if this is love then pull each plea from me until I am ruined beyond wanting
until I am a proper disciple


(just copied and pasted her format may be different) PLEASE DONATE TO HER GOFUND ME


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