The Bacchus Effect by Meg Zinky @ GEMINI & SCORPIO

Hey Everyone,


  Had a short and pleasant day on set for Law & Order SVU today and also learned that an actress has to drop out of The Daughters of Elysium's production of The Bacchus Effect by Meg Zinky. Even though I have many a conflict I will be stepping in to the play THE ETERNAL BRIDE. This is going to be a very cool show in a very cool space. It'll be at Gemini and Scorpio which is very hard for you to find online and word on the street is they used to have"kissing parties" back in the day if ya catch my drift. I am feeling a little overwhelmed but it'll be nice to do something creative before I leave for Virginia. 

Here is my favorite quote from the show:

When I first saw her, we were in the club. She was dancing like a rainbow on an oil spill, all grace and unnatural colors. I offered her my hand, and she whirled me around, and suddenly it was two days later. I was no longer myself. How does someone do that? How do you trick someone so completely? Saturate the dopamine centers and all hell breaks loose. Then you’re alone on a beach with only the wind for a partner. But at least then you’re dancing the same wild dance of despair.

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