Booking Some Stuff But Still Broke AF

Hello Friends, Family & Fans,

  LOL I will have fans one day! So, I am house sitting for a great new friend named Sol, who is kinda a big deal in the photo world check out his stuff: Better Call Sol and or follow him on IG @solneelman So, it has been nice to pretend that I am a big girl and live in Crown Heights! Thank you Sol!

  So, we started rehearsing for The Bacchus Effect and it's such a cool group of people! I've also been booked as a hair model for an Orbie show! (Fingers crossed I also get hired as the demo model) I also booked a very small role in an indie that is going to be a Bollywood remake! How cool! 

  Aside from that these past two weeks have been slow creatively and money-making wise. Shout out to my Nana for helping me out today! I have been substitute teaching and catering (thanks to Olivia for referring me) this has become a big thank you post to my loved ones who are keeping me sane! 

  First rehearsal for Night Witches was amazeballs! I cannot wait to go to Virginia and work with these lovely women. Also, I am trying to step my social media game out (shout out to Casey) if you aren't already following me on IG- get on it! @meowalexiss


  Lastly, Brown Girl Tarot has been postponed! But, keep an eye tomorrow from me with a post about our fundraising etc! 



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