Hello All,

  It doesn't feel like summer in NY now...weird. Ancient Future is still going very well and so much fun! I am catering and teaching still and currently dog sitting the best doggie ever! For June I will be staying with my best friend, Olivia who lives in Queens.

  She had a co-star spot on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episodes 4,6,and 8. Check her out! I've got to be real: New York is very lame. It really is too expensive of a city for budding artists. I did however, have a dope AF POC improv workshop. I'm thinking I may take a full time job and focus on comedy in the fall. I'm also considering moving to Florida with my Nana just to live for free and have fun in the sun/save money! 

  Still submitting for film/TV/commercial work and I have an audition this week for a production of Measure For Measure. Let's try to have fun this summer in this poopy city! 



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