Hey Everyone,


  Greetings from Long Island City, Queens! I am all settled in with my bestie Olivia and my niece puppy, Dolly! It's finally starting to get hot up in here. We are going to have a beach date this Sunday when it's 90 something degrees! 

  Ancient Future is still rad! I am off book for my GOLIATH text for Act 1 and that's all I has to do! Yay! I was also just cast as Juliet and Provost in Measure for Measure. I can't complain! I am broke but I have been working consistently since getting back to New York and I feel blessed. i'm collaborating with such amazing, talented, revolutionary, and kind people! Even if I am on the island of garbage and vanity! 

  Measure for Measure is directed by Kathleen Hefferon and starring my friend and SLC alum Whitney Biancur. Check out her website here!  Kathleen is a new friend/colleague and is a badass and has AD'ed for Shakespeare in the Park and a bunch of other fancy cool things. I am so excited to create with such a great feminist team! This will be a part of The Brick's Shakespeare in the Theatre, a little festival!

  Very happy to have gotten a raise at my catering job, along with two "promotion" type job options withing the company. I'm still subbing as well!  Still- I need some more footage for my reel! Let's make that my end of July goal! To have a reel ready! <3

  Lastly, I filmed a funny self tape for Wulf Casting last night for an App. I've been getting a lot of request for self tapes so I am happy that I am being seen. My Instagram game is getting better as well, I have a promo from Allset which  is this new restaurant app when you can order your meal, put a time, literally walk into the restaurant, eat and leave. Cool...but as a FOH worker I wonder if we are getting closer to a time in which servers will be disappearing! AHH!! ANYHOW, look out on my IG story this week for my experience @meowalexiss! 



Thanks for this goofy shot Steph Dee Photo

Thanks for this goofy shot Steph Dee Photo

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