Hello World,

I am very busy as per usual. I am going to take some me time and stroll about The Museum of The Moving Image and relax my mind before my second show of Ancient Future tonight!  Our opening night was awesome and I couldn't have asked for a better audience! 

 I really love every single person I am collaborating with on this and it's such a special show. I am going to be moving back to Rhode Island in the fall. It's become apparent to me that I cannot get to the next level of my acting career without getting rid of this debt first. I want to go to graduate school, I want to be on TV, I want to do everything but sadly, finances are holding me back. That is a reality for all actors (especially actors of color) who have student loans or aren't fortunate to have financial support from family. Doesn't mean you can't do what you dream just means it's a little harder to get there! 

  Ancient Future is free ya'll , if you took the time to read my blog post I am trusting you with this link and to show up!  --> password: quest

  We are still fundraising for Measure for Measure ! We did our first run was great but a tad bit on the long side! LOL. We will hopefully have our real run time with cuts on Sunday. Donate to us if you can here

  Our shows are AUGUST 4TH 10TH AND 14TH! COME ON OVER TO THE BRICK TO CHECK US OUT!  TICKETS  Video quality is a little bizzare for some reason! SORRRYYYY


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