Almost Time for Night Witches to Take Flight

Hey World,

    Being in Warren is the best! I've already reached out to several filmmakers in Boston about upcoming projects! Hope I book something cause ya girl needs to finish her reel! I have been tutoring for VIPKID in the wee hours of the morning which has been dope! 

  If you're an actor or someone with a crazy schedule who wants to work from from home and help cute Chinese kids learn English use my referral code: 

  My lovely friends and lord and lady of the house I am staying in are on a great vacation in Italy so I have been dog-mommy to two 4-legged-weirdoes and it has been so awesome! Night Witches phase 2 kicks off Sunday for me as I fly from BOS --> DC. Today, I had a 3-sentence pitch with my SLC journalism professor for the NY Times. Let's hope we can get some BIG PRESS! ! ! Our Indiegogo is still chugging along! Donate HERE

  Learn about this amazing devising process:

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