No, I haven't made my Black Panther plans yet & I feel highly problematic/lacking in my black girl magic and homie can't get find a damn ticket on a day off! ! However, I have been quite busy I had an audition for Scranton Shakes and Actors Theatre of Louisville over in NY...not my best but gotta keep practicing the art of auditioning which as we know (or should know) is a different beast than the art of acting.

  I have also been searching for a regular degular job and have two great opportunities- more news when I pick one. I am co-directing a show: Mothers of the Movement with Jonathan Pitts-Wiley of Mixed Magic. A reading that is a compilation of speeches/interviews from black women-identifying activists throughout American history. Here is a lil sumptin' from a fave part of mine, 

Lorraine Hansberry interview with Studs Terkel:

“ I know what people are trying to say- what they’re trying to say is that is this is not what the consider the tradition treatment of the Negro in the theatre.  They are trying to say that it isn’t a proper play, it isn’t a protest play and that it isn’t something that hits you over the head with other remarks that have become cliches...they are trying to say that the characters in our play transcend category...the Negro question was not an element at all.  We need a few protest plays as a matter of fact. “

  Jonathan literally reached out to me to give me this opportunity and I am not a director- I cannot really explain how grateful/excited I am! 

 I also went to Out Loud's season 6 kick-off! Kira Hawkridge really has something exciting for audiences and she is committed to giving women, queer folx and POC an opportunity. It makes me so happy! PROPS TO HER! 

 Kevin Broccoli the fearless leader of Epic Theatre Company has seen my various ramblings and rants about how I feel super disenfranchised as a black actor in RI. He invited me to see The Little Foxes  and again Kevin is someone in the community who has been walking the walk and talking the talk. Giving, women, POC, and queer folx the opportunity to tell stories! 

  What I am getting to is that the RI theatre community has a long way to go in terms of social justice work- but these folks are really putting in the work and as a performer, *new* director (lol) and advocate/ally it makes me so happy! SO IMA POST THEIR INFO AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE AND I WANT YOU TO DONATE TO THEM AND GO SEE THEIR SHOWS!!!

 Lastly, I had an awesome meeting today with Tammy Brown who is an actor/director friend of me who has been working in the community for the past 17 years. We talked about all of the change we want to see in the community and it was so lovely to discuss concrete things we can do to help our people learn, grow, and have A VOICE IN OUR THEATRE COMMUNITY! Oh, we got plans! 





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