Reflections on Directing/NEWS & MORE

  Wow, directing is very hard. Of course, all of my director friends told me so but sheeeeshhh. Also- I'm directing a reading! Can't imagine what a full on production would be like- but this has it's own hurdles.  Jonathan and I have already changed the show a bit, I have a new group of readers I am meeting some folks for the first time tomorrow AND I drastically re-edited my multi-media presentation. 

  Our first reading was quite the success- my little sister and mom loved it. Neema even went out and got a Sojourner Truth book from the library the next day! ! 

  I am also now a Teaching Artist at Trinity Repertory Company. I will be doing creative classrooms with a mix of ELL classes and English classes. I am pumped! I am also doing social media and marketing for The Pawtucket Foundation while still working at Metacom Kitchen. I am also helping my boss there redesign his website. I have a cousin who has her own business I am helping to make cards for while also still bartending at Trinity.  SO MANY JOBS.

  It's a great week for my family as well. My cousin Carlos was released from jail a few days ago and he is comfy at home and has so many big plans for his life now! WE ARE ALL TOO EXCITED.

  I am a little overworked but have started seeing my therapist again- which makes a world of difference. If you can't make it over to MMT for my workshop check out the video below! EDUCATE YO SELF!  

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