Hello World!  8/26 is this post- this is a 2 part post! 

  First thing I need to talk about is this reading/workshop of a new play at Trinity.  We did a reading two plays by Ana Bess Moyer Bell, she runs COAAST  CREATING OUTREACH ABOUT ADDICTION

SUPPORT TOGETHER check them out! https://www.coaast.org/  I'll be doing a reading with this awesome organization on September 13th! 

  I saw three plays this week!  Romeo & Juliet  at The Contemporary Theatre Company! Can we talk about how beautiful their space is!?!?! They have such great programming I am definitely going to try to get down there more! Tammy's direction was simple and fun! Standout performance goes to my girl Catia who played Mercutio...just really beautiful work. 

  I then went to go see Shakespeare in Love at Burbage Theatre Company which was so lovely. I loved all of the design elements and it was funny as hell! The music was beautiful too and there was an actor who I loved- who I don't know! I wish I knew him! LOL the ensemble of the show worked so well together!  Chemistry between the two leads was fiiiiyyyaaahhh!

  Then last night I saw Homos, Or Everyone Else in America at Epic. This show was special ya'll. For Queer folx, Straight folks, anyone who has been in love, anyone who has been othered. I really did not expect that show to fuck me up as much as it did. 

  Homos & R+J have closed but please make sure you get out and see Shakespeare in Love at the BTC. This is a busy week for me! Tomorrow, I am in Boston to audition for a TV show and Thursday back in Boston to audition for a new musical!


  Okay, so I auditioned for that TV show (which will remain unnamed) and I got a callback! It was down to me and two other women and ya girl didn't get it! And ya know what? I'm gonna be salty and sad about it for a while. Actors and other theatre artists are always like, "omg be humble" "omg move on" "on to the next one" etc. etc. YES. YES. Keep it moving- but ya know what? I'm allowed to feel my freaking feelings and be salty about something I feel as though I would have freaking been DOPE AT! JUST SAYIN'! 

  Had an awesome audition last night! Got to go to the BCA to audition for a new devised musical by Liars & Believers. Check them out- https://www.liarsandbelievers.com/ Puppets! Music! Movement! It's gonna be a pretty cool show that I will 10000% see if I'm not cast. I also had a bomb dinner last night in Boston (treat yoself) NOT GONNA LIE I am looking forward to a quiet week!



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