Hello Lovely People,

I am so happy at my new job at The Center for Southeast Asians- they are really great about the flexibility needed for an actor AND I am actually doing good in the community by working here! The past few weeks have been a little crazy for me. Leaving Hasbro, dealing with a loss, transitioning jobs, starting a new part time job, getting unjustly let go from a reading, and so much more! My lovely agents at WSM have been sending me out a lot! Next week I have an EPA and a potential commercial audition. I am also going to try to film some self tapes to send over the the lovely folks I met in Atlanta. 2 nights a go I got together with some amazing women to read an earth-shatteringly chilling and AWESOME play. I hope it comes to fruition for us! :) RI based actors if you need self tapes make sure to look up SELF TAPE RI! !

Alexis IngramComment