Original Work

I write, produce, and act in 1 woman shows as a way to explore my own identity and give a voice to other disenfranchised folks. I use a style of docu-theatre a la Anna Devere Smith using verbatim interviews. I also incorporate puppetry and mixed media videos/projections. These shows are part theatre, part journalism, and film. 


m(y)o͝oˈlädō- (dated offensive) a person of mixed white and black ancestry, especially a person with one white and one black parent.

m(y)o͝oˈlädō explores what it is like to belong to two worlds. What is like to be simultaneously welcomed and shunned by the two communities you're a part of? Part diary, part documentary m(y)o͝oˈlädō explores sexism, classism, colorism, racism, and many other things that divide us as people.

m(y)o͝oˈlädō was first conceived at The La MaMa ETC  Playwright Symposium in Umbria, Italy of 2012. Under the tutelage of Leah Fondakowski (Tectonic Theater Project) it was written just as an autobiography play. It was put to rest until July of 2018 when I work-shopped it at on residency at The Barn Arts Collective- Hamilton Project in Maine. It was performed for the first time and the story was combined with about 20 interviews of other mixed black women living in the US. I brought it back home for The Wilbury Theatre Group's FRINGEPVD along with director MJ Daly. It had two sold out shows for FRINGEPVD and had a special run at Wilbury where more interviews and stories were added in.

In February of 2019 this show went all the way to Louisiana to BASIN ARTS. Alexis also taught a community workshop about art and social justice.


Now, this show is put away for a rewrite. 

Watch Phase 4 of m(y)o͝oˈlädō 


I was awarded a 2019 RI State Council on the Arts grant for this show. Sadly, COVID-19 put this show on hold. For this docu-theatre I reused my model from m(y)o͝oˈlädō and have conducted around 15 interviews. This play is about my experience as an egg donor. So far I have talked to a doula, people who were born from an egg donation, women struggling with infertility, and many more. I filmed a trailer for my show at Mixed Magic Theatre in Pawtucket. It will de dropping soon with a live interview with an IVF Specialist! More details to come!