It's 2:21am and I am watching I Love New York: Reunited and am living my best life even though I can't sleep. Took my Adderall too late #addproblems ! I am trying to stay sane, started a new nannying job today. So far so good, had an awesome class tonight with my coach Joe Reitman. Felicia Henderson was our guest and having a strong, talented, funny, and successful Black woman in our class was EV-ER-Y-THING! I am also continuing to teach acting at The University of Rhode Island for the spring!

I have two amazing guests for my panel for my one woman show (in)ferUTILITY! We are gonna talk about #blackmoms, #ivf, #eggdonation, and all of the things! Tune on in Mixed Magic Theatre's FB page Friday, December 4th at 7:30pm EST. Artwork by Gabby McCauley!

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Fall Updates

The seasonal depression may be kickin' in but ya girl is trying! Money is tight, I am so beyond over the RONA but am trying to keep the creativity flowing. I am teaching a class at The Gamm for BIPOC



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