New Site, New Blog- SAME OLD ME

Here is a screenshot of me looking DERPY onstage at Mixed Magic Theatre. We filmed a sneak peak of my next 1 woman show (in)ferUTILITY. This is a documentary style show about my experience as a Black femme egg donor. I also interviewed folks who have had children via IVF/sperm donors, children born from an egg donor, a doula, women suffering from reproductive disorders and more. The video will be dropping soon!

I am also pumped because on September 28 I will be in Joey Montenarello's LEVEL UP class for on-camera work! YASSSSS

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Fall Updates

The seasonal depression may be kickin' in but ya girl is trying! Money is tight, I am so beyond over the RONA but am trying to keep the creativity flowing. I am teaching a class at The Gamm for BIPOC