Daughter & Mom (Alexis + Felicia) circa 2004-  my mom was my 1st bE$ti3


Coming to an internet space (here and IG LOL) near you for Summer 2021! My mother and I are starting a second-hand/vintage online store. As a young mom my mother was quite the celeb at my middle school because she was in the know for fashion! I was right behind her in my Baby Phat tracksuits and bedazzled tops. Well for better or worse- that fashion is back baby! We are women owned,Black owned and family owned! (TAKE THAT CAPITALIST ELITE!) 

We can't wait to drop these looks for all folks of any and all identities to enjoy! WE LOVE YOU BESTIE!  Follow us here and on IG @bestieY2K


Chunky flip flops? YES! Middle parts? BEFORE THEY WERE COOL!  Circa 2002? 

Should be live soon but check out the BestieY2K Pintrest for our inspo!